MS Resources

Below are our points of interest and people we will be working with and projects we will donate funds to.

Partnering with Buffalo Wellness Center

We have come together to develop educational programs to not only inspire, but to restore harmony and health back into the lives of the community! We understand that this is a collaborative effort and we are excited that Change MS is looking to broaden their educational approach to health care with the Buffalo Wellness Center.
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Additional MS Resources

These are the resources I have found to be most helpful in healing. We will be adding more content to empower your healthy lifestyle, as well as recommended reading. If you start educating yourself today, you are that much closer to ending it today.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

More important Why? Here is a good description of why our bodies can trigger a auto immune condition.

Video Resources

Dr. Terry Wahls original Ted talk video

Updated Video by Dr, Terry Wahls

Ann Boroch- Healing incurable disease part 1

Ann Boroch on Montel Williams show

Ann Boroch on Diet and controlling candida

Montel Williams- Being pro-active with lifestyle, diet and his experiences.

Aurora Colello- Her experience and being pro-active with lifestyle and diet

Pam Bartha- Her experience and Being pro-active with lifestyle and diet

Jack Osbourne and Chad Vaccarino Being pro-active with there diets

Jack and Chad talk about being pro-active