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Why the non-for-profit was started:
CHANGE MS was created by, directed and inspired by people with Multiple Sclerosis and those affected by MS. Our objective is to allocate all available resources, support,advocate, educate, and raise funds for needed research, services, and program development to provide a better understanding and future outlook for those living with MS, as well as to empower anyone who may be affected.

Please note: Change MS is not a anti med or anti doc organization. We are strong advocates for change and working together with all groups and doctors to implement a successful symptom and disease management plan for optimal health. We as patients should be just as aggressive at being pro active with a symptom and disease management strategy as MS can be. We need the proper educational, guidance and motivation to do so.

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Featuring Dr Sue Bennet, Dr Terry Wahls, Paleo boss lady (Diane V Capaldi) and Change MS committee members. The benefits of Being pro active toward symptom management for optimal health.