WNY has one of the highest diagnosis rates of Multiple Sclerosis in the world, and not many know much about it. Change MS was created to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to give you the resources and support to help you experience MS as a more uplifting, positive experience. Change MS is a new 501c3 nonprofit organization, our vision is to provide a central location to source and funnel helpful information by utilizing all unbiased resources, and other health-conscious organizations to encourage others to in being proactive toward your symptoms.

When I was diagnosed I never felt so abandoned, alone, and there were not many who could relate to what I was experiencing. I couldn’t help ask the question, “now what”? Change MS was formed with those feelings in mind. The time of diagnosis is crucial to have a plan of attack in place and a support system to help guide you through and not be left alone to fend for yourself. We are a nonjudgmental group who came together filling a void that was not there for us.

Change MS Wellness Foundation will be involved in program development with local educators, trainers and dieticians who have experience working with patients who have MS. Along with raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, we will also be raising awareness of the importance of wellness and how it should be a vital priority in symptom and disease management. We have a few select points of interest that we contribute to such as: UB MS Stem Cell research program, Women and Children’s MS pediatric center, The MS society, The Wahls foundation, and the Buffalo Wellness Center. We are selective in where we distribute our assets, ensuring to keep it in the same lines as our mission with health and wellness. We will donate the funds we raise to help with efforts toward the good fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Change MS will be a valuable resource in living to your fullest potential. Collectively we can CHANGE MS.

~Tony Ferro