Administrator’s Notice

“MS Awareness Month” Notice and Call To Action

Contribution by Kristin Abramowitz – ChangeMS Blog Administrator, Certified Medical Assistant and 7-plus year MS Warrior

March is the month dedicated to raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. This is a quick notification to anyone who follows this blog that this is going to be quite a month!! This post is also to serve as a call to action for anyone touched by MS in any way – diagnosed MS Warriors, caregivers, friends or family or just someone who wants to help rid the world of MS. This is the time to use whatever avenue you have available to you to be an advocate for the increased awareness about MS everywhere:


Visit and sign up to walk with us in May at WalkMS 2017 to raise money and get our message out there… Start a team, walk individually, join an existing team, whatever your pleasure:

Contact the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to see how you can donate your time to help with the many events and programs they provide

Visit our ChangeMS site regularly to keep yourself informed about all the great things going on in our community and even in others


I am SUPER excited to announce that there is a special blog post coming to you very soon provided to us by a popular local news anchor with strong ties to the MS community! Involved with the MS Community and specifically WalkMS, this person has a unique perspective to share on how things have progressed over the last few years and I can’t wait for everyone to see what she has to say!

Also, The ChangeMS MASQ event is an annual Masquerade Ball held to raise funds and awareness for MS. This year’s event is again going to be held at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens. It will be happening on March 25th this year which is coming quickly! (There are a FEW select tickets still available for $125 each and you can still sponsor the event or donate to the cause… just contact us through the website or our Facebook group ASAP so you don’t miss out!!)

This was just a quick blurb to let you all know what is about to come… Keep your eyes peeled for some GREAT information coming to you very soon!!!


Your Administrator,

Kristin Abramowitz