Start With Sleep, Have Sweet Dreams

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor: Soda

Class Description: Soda, owner Start With Sleep, will describe how to cope with restless nights. Inadequate sleep, whether caused by unconscious lifestyle choices or due to one of the over 80 classified sleep disorders that plague the public can have a severe negative impact on mental, physical and emotional health. The medical practice model would benefit greatly from routinely addressing patient sleep health as it aids in the detection of undiagnosed medical sleep disorders, can prevent the exacerbation of other chronic diseases and can minimize additional medical issues as you age. Sleep health needs to be evaluated and taken into consideration when treating patients and developing a baseline for wellness maintenance programs. Preventative measures including sleep health counseling would seem a valued function in the effort to change unhealthy lifestyles. Sleep health should not only be an intricate part of patient healthcare screening through assessment but in education. All guests will leave with a magnesium spray.

Estimated Cost: $200